Barriers to creativity in education

Adobe completed a study of creativity in education and (unsurprisingly) found a serious lack thereof.  The method was an interview of 4,000 teachers and parents and their results are compiled in the infographic below.

I haven’t read the actual study, but I’m a bit confused with the across-the-board perception that a lack of resources is a perceived hindrance to creativity.  A lack of resources (in sort of an unfortunate way) necessitates creativity regarding instruction.  Students often need special resources to complete projects that teachers feel are creative, but I’m not convinced that all of the projects the students would deem “creative” require substantial resources.  It seems that with the rise of technology, accessibility to internet access is really the main concerns as far as resources (along with the skills to utilize that technology).  I’m not arguing we have a great educational infrastructure by any means either (we definitely do not), including internet access in far too many schools.  I just feel that creativity is more of a solution in and of itself to many of our problems rather than something that is inhibited in an absolute sense by any given factor or collection of factors.

The graphic is below, or can be found here: 


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