Proactive Solutions in Behavior Management

Both teachers and students face challenges in their classroom daily.  Difficulties in teaching and learning can stem from an infinite number of sources, but many can be prevented.  The Resource Center, of Chautuaqua County, New York, shares these tips for preventing issues when working with other individuals, especially children and people with disabilities.  So, before a situation grows out-of-hand, ask yourself these simple questions…

1.) Communication
-Have you offered an opportunity for the individual to communicate using objectives, signs, symbols, or speech, and have you responded positively?

2.) Choice
-Have you offered another activity and encouraged the individual to choose?

3.) Physical Needs
-Have you considered hunger, thirst, pain, heat, cold, tiredness, activity, or need of the toilet?

4.) Interaction
-Have you offered a change of staff member and responded to the need for attention?

5.) Therapeutic Alternatives
-Have you offered music, aroma therapy, or massage?

6.) Relaxation
-Have you tried deep breathing, slow breathing, or yoga?

7.) Calming Techniques
-Have you used verbal and non-verbal calming to include: reflection, empathy, reassurance, redirection, incentives, and rewards?

8.) Listening Techniques
-Have you listened, read the signs, picked up cues, and given prompts rather than hurrying to give advice?

9.) Sensitivity
-Have you helped restore the individual’s confidence and dignity by sensitivity rather than being confrontational and have you offered a constructive functional activity?v

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